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Game Server Luna - ver. l2h5 - ON-LINE
Clasic mods Lineage - GmShop ist Disable, all work quest, auto learn skill and hand change subb class, Donate 
Community board  administrator adjusts for the running game, Info Drop, Info Clan works, prepares gm shop, Buffer schema already in the short time
Info setting game details, visit SET.GAME on the website

Works - Ertheia server - setting mods

(Game server Heavy - setting mods - not work game)
New Community Board 
Visit www.lineageonle.cz/setting/parametrs l2j mods - rates

Existing accounts will be converted to the new database
required the client to connect
START 1.7.2017

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Server - L2H2
Server _1_   ON-LINE 


Server - Erhteia NEW
Server _1_         TEST
Admin config mods
(New - platform)

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