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Zakoupení výrobku je dobrovolné a nepovinné k ničemu nezavazující je to pouze na rozhodnutí členů klubu jestli se rozhodne podporovat tento server.


Admin information:
At login, the client may show you 0 characters (just restart the client and everything is fine).
Server Kallint 
Necessary client - http://www.lineageonline.cz/cs/server-h5-freya.html

Server Phoenix 
Necessary client - http://www.lineageonline.cz/cs/server-goddes-of-destruction.html

The server is backed up twice every day, UPS ensures it doesn't fall. If something happens online from outside, you can't control it. Any questions/ideas email: lineageonline@seznam.cz, players have priority when handling queries, admin (nick Kallint every day in the game).

LUXORY Special Itemy - NPC Alexandria (Trader Armor) has special items in the shop - I keep adding and (Trader Weapon Gallldicci) I replenish his weapons.

Here in the game everything is produced, traded, spoil, craft. So here you just have at your disposal is A-Grade and that's it. Players are helpful and help you at the beginning of full buff what they have 1 hour.
NPC champion drop EWA (odds per drop are 8%) ,EWA is also used here as a commodity for special items. Safe is here 7, then it's 36% for each additional . I'm trying to tune the server for everyone's benefit. Q works all instances and transfers are made.

Information BR : Drop to RB is set 10x, but if you go to lvl 85 Zakena 60 lvl you will not drop !!!!!! Just for the record, drop pada from RB if you are from him /- 9 lvl otherwise you will not drop and never !!!.

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